Simplifying Life’s Celebrations

Catering Process:

BEACH HOUSE CATERING + EVENTS can meet with you at our EHIT location or at your event site to go over more specifics. 

We will try to get a better sense of the set up involved, and further discuss menu items. This will help us to solidify the amount of labor and rentals as well as the type of food that we will provide for the event. 


Proposal: Once we figure out the logistical details, we will be able to provide you with a detailed proposal of what it is that the catering event will involve. This is everything from the number of forks needed to the hours each bartender will work. This proposal can be amended and altered, but it will serve as a detailed guide as to what is involved in preparing the event. 


Initial Deposit: After both parties agree to the Proposal, a valid credit card # will be held on file and a 50% deposit will be made by the client one week prior to the event.


Continued Planning: after the initial Proposal and Deposit, more details will be worked out. There will be menu details to finalize, along with rentals and event coordination which will occur. The proposal may need to be amended a few times and subsequent meetings may occur.


Event & Post Event Finalizations: This is your big day! BEACH HOUSE CATERING + EVENTS will come to your event and together we will make your event extraordinary. After your event, the total labor hours will be calculated and the invoices from rentals will be tallied so that an accurate assessment of all costs involved can be made. A final bill will be emailed to you, along with the amended final proposal and receipts involved (if any). The remainder of the bill will be paid in full by the client, charged the following day after your completed event. 

Thanks again for taking the time to look over this information and we look forward to working with you, on your next celebration.

From all of us at EHIT | THE CLUBHOUSE | BEACH HOUSE CATERING + EVENTS…have an amazing summer!


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